Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Sneaky Blends" by Missy Chase Lapine: Rethinking Nutrition, Smoothies and Juicing

This book is for everyone, but it's especially worthwhile for those battling with difficulty swallowing [dysphagia] due to a neuromuscular disease, cancer treatments or any other illness or disorder -- chronic or temporary -- that compromises swallowing.  But with the modern interest in smoothies and juicing for nutrition or just convenience, Lapine, who is also known as "The Sneaky Chef" builds on an already-popular history of books, numerous television appearances and blogging to transform the way America eats. Dedicated to children's health, Missy Lapine has already developed her company, Sneaky Chef Foods LLC, producing products that "sneak" nutrition into kid's meals.  Her 2007 book "The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals" appeared on the New York Times Best-Seller List.

Now, with her newest book, "Sneaky Blends" Ms Lapine expands into over 100 recipes that incorporate purees into familiar and favorite dishes.  In the book are ways to sneak blends into any meal -- omelets, soups, casseroles are just a few.  And the Sneaky Chef also demonstrates ways to include purees into favorite recipes to make them more healthy; using them to replace the fat and sugar in baked goods or to cut the mayo in tuna salad are only two examples. There are recipes for 15 base blends in the book, such as butternut squash-apple and black bean-blueberry-baby kale.  The reader can transform a recipe into a healthy dish by mixing in a puree as Missy shows in her book. There are 75 dishes in the book, each using a base blend.  In addition, Missy reveals her custom "Blends Cleanse®" -- a three-day body reboot.  She also offers priceless tips and tricks for blending and the book is filled with beautiful color photographs.

You can check out this book (and purchase it) by clicking on the link on the right sidebar.  I was personally impressed when I learned that Missy Lapine is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and is a member of Children's Advisory Council for New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, which uses some of her Sneaky Chef meals are served to patients.  You can also visit Missy's website.  Missy's strategies are perfect for anyone, but especially for people with illness that necessitate a nutrient-dense diet.  I am extremely impressed by this book and by Missy's website. 

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