Thursday, November 9, 2017

I have migrated this blog to a new platform:  It's still the same great blog, only better and you can access it at sitstillshutup.org.  Moreover, check out my other blogs:

taste-buds.org : about eating mindfully including food anthropology -- how food relates to culture and history, healthy eating including probiotics and anti-inflammatory foods, and the latest trends in food and cuisine

mid-50s.org: a blog dedicated to post WWII baby-boomers [bornnt  1945-1964]

inspo-media.org : review and promotion of books, TV shows, movies, blogs, magazines, podcasts and any entertainment that can be heard or seen that inspires, educates or enlightens or enriches the mind, body or soul. Think Oprah for the rest of us.  No, I won't be giving out cars, sadly.

I'm hoping you will continue to follow me.