Thursday, January 19, 2017

How You Can Join the Women's Inaugural Day March on Washington If You Can't Go to DC -- and EVEN IF You Can't Leave the House

Thousands of women [and men] will descend on Washington DC tomorrow to protest the disgusting treatment of women by President-elect Donald J Trump.  Furthermore, PWDs will also be assembling to protest the repeal of Obamacare -- aka Affordable Care Act -- which now affords millions of previously-uninsured Americans.  Repeal will jeopardize the health -- and lives -- of millions.  People with Disabiities and chronic diseases are especially vulnerable.

But not everyone can get to Washington DC on Inauguration Day [Friday, January 20, 2017]. There are an estimated 600+ local marches, especially in major cities.  Consider joining a local march near home...click on this link to find a local sister march near youBut what if you don't live close enough to a local event?  Many PWDs can't travel, are indeed even home-bound.  Many seniors and PWDs are confined to nursing homes or other institutions.  There are a number of reasons a person can't get outside to join in a march.  If you are in such a situation, there are many ways to show support.  For some excellent ideas, look at this great article on the Upworthy blog.

The article includes a picture that you can purchase a download of, which [the artist uses the proceeds as donation to Planned Parenthood or Running Start]  and make into a poster which you can put on stakes and display on your lawn, or paste on your door. By the way, the artist -- Narya Marcille -- gives permission to use the illustration as a Facebook profile pic.  Consider inviting friends over to watch coverage of the DC March on TV and doing any of the activities listed.  If you are living in a nursing home or other medical facility, try to organize a group effort.  Donate to a woman's charity, like Planned Parenthood or the League of Woman Voters. The article even gives offbeat suggestions like ordering a pizza from a DC pizzeria and having it sent to some marchers.  I especially like the recommendation to order a tee shirt with an inspirational quote like "Love Trumps Hate" or "Nasty Woman" and instagramming a pic of you wearing it.

Most of all, don't let anyone intimidate you, making you feel guilty for not going to DC and/or not marching.  Tell your able-bodied friends and relatives you can make an impact just as powerful, from your living room, in your wheelchair and even from your bed.  Nobody knows your challenges.  As for me, I still don't know if I will be able to assemble in Manhattan, but if not, I intend to do whatever I can to express my support.

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