Friday, December 19, 2008

I Helped Someone! YAY!! Access-a-Ride [almost] Going to LI

The other night I was at the ALS meeting/holiday party at Beth Israel and I was approached by the mother of a patient who still works as a physician [and the mom goes with her]. Well, they say that they learned from my blog about the accessible taxi dispatch program, and tried it because their wheelchair van is in repair. They were pleased with the service on the first leg. The second leg there wasn't a taxi available in time, so I think they took the bus, because they didn't want to wait too long. But it's nice to know that I helped someone through this blog.

Also, Access-a-Ride is going over the Nassau and Westchester border 3/4 mile to Great Neck, Atlantic Beach, N. Hyde Park, etc....so there are more options! But DNNYC is fighting the fare-doubling promised by the MTA.

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