Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Senior Tour With No Accessibility -- Duh?

This is an email I received today from my friend Lora Frish:

This morning, December 10,
I went on a tour of Gracie Mansion with other
elderly people from the Van Cortlandt Senior Center. There was one
person with a walker and several with canes. The tour was on two
floors, but the elevator was unavailable. The people who couldn't
climb the stairs had to wait in chairs on the first floor for the rest
of us to finish the tour. The elevator should be available for tours.

D-u-u-h-h???? A bunch of seniors are coming......Now, should the senior center pre-arranged by inquiring at the time of booking? I don't know the level of expertise and experience of whoever arranged this tour, but someone at Gracie Mansion, upon hearing a bunch of seniors were coming, might have made the elevator available?

Word to the wise for anyone reading this who may be in a position now or in the future, to arrange events for seniors and/or disabled. Check on accessibility.

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