Friday, November 14, 2008

Update November 14, 2008

On Sunday, Judy and I took the Q60 bus to 62nd and 2nd Ave. It was really convenient, and we may do it again next Sunday. Thanks to Maddy, Stacey, Toby, Margie and Nancy, I am paid up with the co-op and in a much better position with my credit cards. I made a settlement with Bank of America, and yet they continue to send me bills for the amount they said I didn't owe anymore. I am really concerned about this, and will have to follow up with letters. It just takes so much out of me to make all the phone calls, write the letters, send the emails, etc. I tend to nap a few times a day. I am mostly doing tube feedings to cut down on the exhaustion of eating, and risk of choking. I am trying not to snack at all, so I can drop some weight.

Some minor modifications-- changing to a smaller wall-hung sink, and removal of the hamper -- may allow the shower chair to fit in the bathroom, and might enable me to have a shower more than once a week. And this would cost a lot less than the $7,000 to modify the whole bathroom. I may be able to save a small amount of money towards that every month. Anything for fun or pleasure is not a possibility for a long time. I can't even think about a movie, a meal in a restaurant, a Broadway show, nothing until all my debt is under control, and my credit score improves. I do as many surveys as possible for gift cards, and Amazon gift certificates. But I now must find a teenager in my building that I can pay to come in daily to do the rabbit litter boxes, because that is something the aides find unpleasant and they really aren't supposed to be doing.

I can't even think of participating in any holiday festivities this year, since I can't spend one penny, and have to stop using credit cards. If I don't have the money I can't have it -- period! I must say I'm pretty proud that I can practice such self-denial. But just because one is sick, the creditors don't stop demanding their money, and they won't hesitate to prosecute me either. I have an application for a rent-subsidized handicap-accessible apartment in Astoria, but I doubt anyone will rent to me with such bad credit, so I have to repair it.

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