Thursday, November 20, 2008

Co-op Apartment For Sale in Accessible Building in Rego Park

OK, now this is really funny!
I must admit I laughed hysterically when I saw this.
For those of you who just began reading this blog in the last couple of years, here is a little history.
Way back in 2004, while I still served on the Board of Directors of my co-op, I brought up the issue that the door in the basement was very difficult for someone in a wheelchair or using a walker. To make a long story short, I quit the board and began a 21-month-long battle, with the NYC Commission on Human Rights at my side, for an automatic door. There were other things, but we didn't get them, and I didn't feel up to going to court. Because one of the things we didn't get was a ramp into the lobby, all building functions are now held in the basement. Unfortunately, I still have to brave the elements when I wait for Access-a-Ride" because they won't pick up on the side of the building, where I have to exit. At the time I initiated the process, I had no home care, so often I had to wait for another neighbor to come through to open the door for me [risky at night].

Anyway the door is not the best and breaks down a lot, which angers some of the neighbors. Also, by the time the 21 months was over, I had aides to open the door for me, although I am not the only disabled person in the building. There has been some angry backlash from neighbors who feel the co-op should not accommodate me due to expense and the shoddiness of the door. I won't beat a dead horse, but when I saw the following posting in the yahoo group DNNYC [Disabled Network of NYC], I was intrigued. .... It advertises a co-op apartment for sale in Rego Park, and promotes it as good for wheelchairs because the building has automatic door-entry. So I clicked on the link for more information, because I was curious to see where this apartment was, and guess what! I won't tell you; I will let you click on my link to the posting, and then let you click on the link in the posting to see more info on the apartment which was advertised on a list for people with disabilities [PWDs]

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