Friday, April 11, 2008

I went back to the internist today. The blood pressure was 144 over 88. This was acceptable to her, but it's still too high in my book. It should be more like 125 over 75 or 80. So I am still trying to lose weight, and keep the stress level down.

I am trying out my new braces/AFOs [ankle-foot orthotics]. I have a prescription for physical therapy [as much as they will cover, which usually isn't much] and the foot doctor recommended a PT right in the neighborhood. But since I have my ALS clinic appointment a week from Monday, I will wait until I see the PT there, in case he has any recommendations about what I need, and if I need to go to a more specialized PT.

Something I am perturbed about is the UTI that still persists. The doctor gave me a whole different antibiotic to take for 2 weeks. And I also have an appointment with a urologist the night of my clinic appointment. I am so not-thrilled with this. About 20 years ago, I had persistent UTIs and I was under the care of a urologist for about 2 years -- not a favorite time of my life, I have to say. But, I have felt more weak and tired than usual, and about a week ago I had an unexplained ache in my side. I thought I had pulled a muscle, but it might have been this infection.

Today Chelsea is worrying me. She seems more sluggish than usual and this afternoon she did something that looked like a convulsion, or maybe it was a series of sneezes. Either way, it's worrisome, so I am going to have to call the rescue ladies

Last Monday, Rehabco called to say they were coming the next day, and I was thrilled to be getting my wheelchair back. But someone came on Tuesday and said he was here to pick UP my chair! I said "this chair is a loaner from the ALS Association. It isn't even your chair!". He called his office and sure enough, it was an error. My chair isn't ready yet. I am still stuck with this chair that is slower than molasses.

Donated $20 to Idol Gives Back. It made me feel good to be giving rather than receiving. I am so thankful for everything I receive!

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