Sunday, April 20, 2008

I got my AFOs[ankle-foot orthotics] and stretchy shoes to wear with them. They make a huge difference when I stand and transfer, but I want to have some physical therapy sessions to see if I can take a few steps with the walker using them. I figured out that if I remove the bathroom door, I can get my wheelchair right up to the bathroom door. Then I can just get a shoki screen at the beginning of the entrance to give privacy to the aides when they use the bathroom. We are not allowed to pay the super or the porter to do odd jobs anymore, so I need to find a handyman. And if I replace my sink and vanity with a wall-hung sink, that will free up more floor space. Also, I need to remove the hamper and fill in the tile where the hamper was in the wall. All this will be way more manageable in cost than the renovation that I had planned. It will probably only cost a few hundred dollars. I am going to the ALS clinic tomorrow, so I will see what the PT there says about PT sessions. I already have a prescription and referral to a place in the neighborhood from the podiatrist, but I want to consult with the ALS PT.

I actually went to a Passover seder last night. Since ALS, I have not been to a seder. So my friend Sue Turin, who is caregiver to her husband Rob, who has ALS invited me. It was a family seder of about 25 people, but they rent a room in a temple in Glen Oaks. Ellita and I took access-a-ride and it all worked out perfectly. I've really felt very left out, every Passover since ALS, because it is my favorite Jewish holiday. I have a lot of Jewish friends, but for whatever reason, no seder invitations. So when Sue invited me, it was a nice surprise, and it really meant a lot to me!

Last weekend, I had my weekly visit to Starbucks with Judy, something I look forward to every week. I also went to Applebee's with my neighbor Lisa. Gulshan called from India to say that her husband's brother, who sustained injuries from the accident he was in with Gulshan's husband, now also died. So she will be over there another two weeks. I really miss her!

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