Thursday, May 28, 2009

iPhone or iPodTouch Can Be Assistive Communication Device

I have wanted an iPod Touch for a while now and I am saving up to get one, but here's a new reason for me to want one: You can buy an "app" for the iPhone or the iPod Touch called Proloquo 2Go and have a small portable text-to-speech device. They are using this also for autistic kids and stroke survivors. Of course you have to be able to use your hands, but it beats lugging around the heavy Mercury, especially on short outings, to the store for example. Click on the title line, above to read the story. Now, I have to do what I can to get this!

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Dave LaRue said...

Fern been using it since released. People are fasinated buy it. I just love the touch screen and type quite well with my thumb.
Really enjoy run all apple apps.
You would love the tweetie app.
Hope you get one.

Got pic of it on my blog