Friday, February 27, 2009

8 Harsh Truths to Improve Your Life-- Courtesy of [not so] Dumb Little Man


I am not preaching here by any means! Click here to see the eight truths I wish I had accepted all my life. I've had to accept these truths since ALS, but I wish it didn't take ALS to wake me up! The sooner you can accept these, the better off you'll be. If I had embraced them sooner, I could have bypassed a lot of anger and, thus, depression [which is really anger redirected at yourself]. I would be interested in feedback, either privately or in comments. Do you agree with these? Has any of these impacted you personally, as they have impacted me? And, do you have any truths to add to this list?


Anonymous said...

Hi Fern,

Thanks for pointing out those truths.

I know that the article is highlighting harsh truths, but I'd like to add,

9. "Stop and Smell the Flowers."
We sometimes get caught up in the little details of life, and take for granted all of the beauty and wonder that's around us all the time. Learning the value of something after it is gone, in this case, is one of life's great tragedies.

Fern Ellen Cohen said...

I should have thought of that one myself! And I would like to paraphrase that
"Take time to help a sick friend [or a healthy friend for that matter] smell the flowers and otherwise have some pleasure, especially if that friend is unable to get out without help. You will be surprised how good it will make YOU feel to do that. A funeral or a deathbed is too late to show someone you care."

Chuck1106 said...

Fern you are awesome.. Another Wisdom I have found is
Appreciate what you have..

Thanks so much for being a friend. I was really lucky to find you.

Fern Ellen Cohen said...

yep, Chuck..so true! Even PALS who lose so much! Every day I am thankful I can type on my computer!