Thursday, February 12, 2009

Research Update February 12,2009


Lou Gehrig's Disease In Humans Genetically Linked To Dog Disease for more info, go to this article
Disclaimer: this DOES NOT MEAN you can get ALS from dogs! Just that studying the disease in one species can give us clues to the disease in the other species. Please do not make plans to drop little Fido off at the shelter!

Clinical Trial of Stem Cells for Spinal Cord Injury Cleared by FDA
The FDA has cleared the way for the first clinical trial of a human embryonic stem cell-based therapy, one that is aimed at remyelinating injured spinal cords, For more click here

Recent drug trials came out with less-than-encouraging news. Iplex, a drug tried in Italy with a small sample of patients, proved ineffective. Lithium, which I tried for a about a week, but stopped because it made me feel worse, proved not only ineffective, but damaging to some patients. For more information on those two drugs, and their trials with ALS patients in the US, see the full article

ALSTDI [ALS Therapy Development Institute] scientists are studying motor neuron "neighboring" cells called astrocytes and glia. They have reason to believe that studying only motor neurons as a path to ALS treatment has not been sufficient. Studies of astrocytes, glia, and even the muscles themselves might be a more successful way to find better treatments. For more on this, go to the full article

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