Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Dad's Eightieth Birthday

Today is my dad Irwin's 80th birthday. Yes he was born January 24, 1928. Like all depression-era dads of the Jewish persuasion, his mantra is "Don't buy me anything; I don't want you to spend your money." This would not be so annoying if I knew something he wanted, so I could just send it to him. But the man has no interests besides the Disabled Veterans,of which he is an officer, his grandchildren [my sister's kids], and reading. I was thinking of sending him Tom Brokaw's new book "Boomer" because I know he will enjoy readin about the 60s, when he was a young-ish dad. But he thinks buying books is a waste of money. "I can just go to the 'liberry'", he says. Oh, what to do........


Trawna said...

Have you considered a modest donation to the Disabled Veterans in his name? I know it's not personal, but if that's where his heart is at, he might like that better than anything else.

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL--get the book from the liberry--he will love it. )He just won't admit it)