Sunday, January 20, 2008

In Memory of Suzanne Pleshette aka Emily Hartley

I heard today that Suzanne Pleshette died and a few memories came back.
First, I remember how much she was a part of my 70s life, as Emily Hartley, wife of psychologist Bob Hartley of "The Bob Newhart Show". When I was at SUNY Stony Brook, few people were around on Saturday night on campus. Stony Brook was a real suitcase school, one of my biggest mistakes in life. But that's another story. So I and my boyfriend Jeff Nahmias would go over to Roth Quad and look to see if Bob Komitor and his gang were around for the weekend. We would get drunk or high and watch "The Carol Burnett Show", "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", and the "Bob Newhart Show". And of course after 1975, we watched "Saturday Night Live"

So today made me think about the seventies. And also about the first time I stayed up to watch "The Birds", that scary Alfred Hitchcock movie. Suzanne Pleshette was in that too, as Annie the schoolteacher who rents out a room in her cottage to Tippi Hedren. That movie freaked me out so much that my mom had to feed my pet parakeet, Davy Jones, for two weeks because I couldn't go near him!

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