Sunday, September 23, 2007

dirty hair

I watched a TV show last night called “Kid Nation” about 40 children between the ages of 8 and 14 who were dropped off on the middle of a ghost town with no running water.

Although I do have running water in my house, I can’t get to it. So my day aide has to run back and forth with basins of water to wash me. Very nineteenth century!!! And here is the disgusting part: I have not been able to wash my hair since my salon appointment over a week ago. So Ellita and I set off for the salon yesterday. It started to rain, so we had to turn back. We have rescheduled for today, and I will literally go nuts if we don’t get there.

Well, as I write this, my hair-washing plans have just been trashed. The elevator has broken on my side of the building, and I have to get to the basement in order to get out to the salon. We have no idea when it will be repaired, since it’s Sunday. It is so frustrating to know I live on the ground floor, but I still can’t get out to do a basic thing like get my hair washed.

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