Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why People With ALS, Cancer or Any Serious Chronic Illness Should Fear the Trump Budget

Not only Americans with ALS, but anybody with a neuromuscular disease -- in fact, anyone with a chronic disease -- should do anything possible to block the Trump Budget Plan.  It's not enough that the Trump administration wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act [nicknamed "Obamacare"].  But Donald Trump's administration wants to make drastic cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Disability.  If you're reading this and erroneously think "that will never be a concern of mine", then I'm happy your psychic powers have assured you that you will never get sick.  "Okay, but I have enough money put aside for emergencies", well think again.  I have personally seen many wealthy people go broke from a family member's chronic illness.

But I can't say it better than Rachel Doboga in her HuffPost Article.  Just remember as you read: although Ms. Doboga is writing from the perspective of an ALS patient,  you can apply this to Cancer, MS, Parkinsons Disease or Dementia; even Diabetes and Arthritis in a lot of cases.  Even the best medical insurance can fall short when you or a loved one has to stop working and maintain himself through a chronic disease.

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