Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Meet Putter, the Ice Cream-Loving Squirrel -- Enjoying "Wildlife" and a Summer Treat

See my post from last month about living  mindfully outside.  I mentioned that I love watching wildlife in my neighborhood -- mind you, wildlife in the city means birds and squirrels.  If you're out at night, you may see a rat or even a raccoon.  I always love watching the squirrels and their antics.  I especially love Putter who is the star of this video.  Putter was lucky enough to make her home in a tree above a North Carolina ice cream shop; if I ever come back as a squirrel, I will choose a tree above an ice cream shop with generous owners.

Every day Putter comes down for a treat -- a tiny cone [squirrel-size] topped with a little scoop of ice cream .  When I was a teenager, we had a little dog named Tammy from whom  I had to hide in my bedroom with the door closed when I had a bowl of ice cream.  Tammy loved ice cream, but we found out ice cream is harmful to dogs.  These days, there is a special ice cream for dogs.  Anyway, I think squirrels are cute and I hate when people say they are just "rats with bushy tails".  If you think along those lines, you are just a rat without fur!!

The weather is warming up in the northern hemisphere and especially in the northeast US, so if you are a PWD, senior or anyone with limited mobility, get outside and watch whatever wildlife is in your neighborhood.  It's 78 degrees in New York City today and I am  beginning to come out of my winter funk.

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