Monday, March 13, 2017

BOOKSHELF: 60-Second Sweat: Get a Rock Hard Body 1 Minute At a Time by Patrick Street :

For many people with chronic disease or disabilities [PWDs], exercise is essential, but getting to a gym is a much more complicated    experience.  Also, many PWDs do not have the stamina for a  60- or 90-minute workout or run on a treadmill.  And for wheelchair-users, it's not easy to find a gym with wheelchair-accessible machines.  PWDs are more at risk for obesity and the diseases that go with it -- diabetes, heart conditions, hypertension and blood clots [DVT included]. The best defense against these life-threatening conditions, is a movement program.

 On January 2,  many of you planned to shed the holiday pounds and shape up for the new year. And by now, many of you  have failed. But the thing is we all have the time – we just don't know it yet.  Patrick Striet, one of Self Magazine's 50 Hottest Trainers specializes in High-Intensity Interval Training and Metabolic Resistance Training. His meticulously designed program allows his clients to shed the pounds and build the muscle in no time flat. His new book THE 60-SECOND SWEAT will show you how to put his training and philosophies to work at home (or in the gym) by following the safe and effective program which is packed with exercises that are all done in a minute or less.

Reviews on Amazon have been raves. I personally found enough exercises that I could adapt to doing in a sitting position .  And -- just as importantly -- the exercises in this book can be performed with light-weight dumbbells and/or resistance bands, which can be bought online for a reasonable cost.  There is no need for expensive equipment, and can be done at home.  I belong to a gym, but can't get there as often as I would like.  The ability to fill in with a home-exertise program is very important to me.

For the past 15 years,  Patrick Striet has run a fitness training facility where he has worked with hundreds of everyday men and women—working moms, college students, senior citizens, middle-aged men… plus a few elite athletes! Through this experience, he has identified the significant barriers people face when it comes to exercising consistently—lack of time, lack of results, injuries, boredom—and specifically designed the 60-SECOND SWEAT to address them.
Now Reader's Digest and Patrick Striet have teamed up to transform this HIIT and MRT training program into a book to help readers at home enjoy the same benefits Mr. Striet shares with his clients. The 60-Second Sweat is:
  1. Efficient: The 60-Second Sweat combines HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training) to build strength along with cardiovascular fitness in one comprehensive workout. 
  2. Effective: Research has shown that HIIT is more effective than traditional steady-state workouts for building cardiovascular fitness and shedding fat, while MRT builds muscular fitness, which is key for boosting metabolism. 
  3. Safe: Keeping in mind the cranky knees, aching backs, stiff shoulders, and sore necks that many desk-bound adults face, the 60-Second Sweat gives equal weight to every muscle group. 
  4. Varied: You will never perform the same exercise or activity for more than 1 minute, so you will never get bored. Every exercise, set, rep…every minute…will help develop the best and fittest you!

Patrick Striet, CSCS is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and the 15-year owner/operator of Cincinnati, OH based Live Fit Cincinnati, LLC, a boutique fitness facility specializing in customized private and semi-private personal training and online fitness and nutrition coaching. In addition, he is a freelance fitness writer who has written for numerous magazines, books and websites including Men’s HealthMen’s FitnessThe Women’s Health Big Book of Abs and livestrong.com. He serves as the fitness correspondent for 700 WLW radio, as an advisory board member and content contributor for prosource.net and, in 2013, was named one of Shape magazine’s “50 Hottest Trainers in the United States.” Patrick, who is also working towards a high level sports nutrition certification, lives in Cincinnati, OH.

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