Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RIP Edward "Ted" Kennedy

This is a few days late, but through all the memorials for Teddy Kennedy over the weekend, I learned what afriend he was to people with disabilities. In fact, there might not be an Americans with Disabilities Act, if not for Senator Kennedy, and he was a driving force behind the Family Leave Act, among others. I have said many times how the ADA has made my life so much easier, and someone who was disabled before 1990, can really see the difference. We have a way to go, because now members of Congress are pushing the envelope toward the concept of "visitability", which is the concept that everyone's home and every building should be accessible whether or not there is someone who lives or works there, but for the benefit of anyone who has to visit. I can't tell you how many times people with disabilities are invited somewhere, only to find out they can't attend due ro the inaccessibility of the venue/home

Anyway please read my tribute to Senator Kennedy by clicking here.

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J Rodney said...

I was really pleased to see how much media attention his funeral and life have been getting. After all the attention that Michael Jackson's death got, I was afraid that Ted Kennedy's legacy would be forgotten.