Thursday, March 29, 2007

apt sale and concepts

Thanks to my bunny-rescue pal Mary Cotter, who put me in touch with her neighbor, a New York State Assistant District Attorney. He in turn referred me to a lady in his office’s Health Care Division. She called Louise who gave her the names and phone numbers of all the bureaucrats she has been talking to at NYC Human Resources Administration and Concepts. She determined -- what a shocker! -- that there was some sort of breakdown in communication and the end result is that, as of Saturday March 31, I am forever free of VNS. To quote Martin Luther King -- “Free at last!”

Meanwhile, Thursday late morning, I was visited by a social worker from Adult Protective Services, thanks to Haley who called them regarding the burn that I got as a result of the agency refusing to let my regular aides work extra hours to fill in, in Beverly’s absence last week. Just as an aside, Leslie the home care supervisor called Ellita yesterday to ask her to “do a favor” and do a fill-in for today. When Ellita said “why wouldn’t you let me do extra hours last week to fill in for Beverly?”, Leslie said “Oh, now my boss is allowing me to give extra hours.” My, isn’t that convenient?

Spring is finally here. We had another open house for the apartment Sunday and Ellita and I went to Knish Nosh and Starbucks. Tim said he got some people who will talk to him this week. We will start negotiating. I would like to be in Manhattan by July. Really any sooner would cut into my plans for DC and Ride For Life.
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